“During the time of Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, many are experiencing social isolation and loneliness, since humans and our societies thrive on interaction, it has been a great psychological challenge for those who are staying indoors and working from home.

We hope the “Spread Art Not Viruses” project together with the use of ZOME can inspire more artists and other creative minds and give them new ways to interact with each other and connect with the world.

Without the need of leaving your homes or studios, you can now plant your art pieces, video works, writings, music compositions anywhere around the globe in AR, also in the form of future time capsules through ZOME. Hopefully, as a result of this project, when the virus passes, there will be many heartening artworks and stories to be discovered when you walk past the streets and at other unexpected places.

Essentially this is what art and innovative technology is all about and should be doing, especially during times like this—bringing people together in more meaningful ways and inspiring others to see the world from fresh new perspectives.”

Theodore Wohng, CEO & Founder of ZOME