Lives and works in Melbourne

“ Utensils are tools of human life. They are the carrier and the measure of life. Utensils are the continuation of organs, a glass of water entering the stomach is a circulation from utensils to organs. Everyone uses utensils to measure their body standards. The object you see is no longer what it was, it has gone through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction, like the transformed bodies and daily objects give it new sensitivity and definitions. This is another way to experience life, to feel vitality of the utensil in day-to-day life.

Special physical qualities of ceramics allow my works in the intersection between art and craft, engaged with mysterious and bizarre aspects to discover the mechanisms of clay. My works hope to further evoke the relationship between ‘naked’ and ‘private’, to explore the humanness in utensils.

‘Fast Food Lifestyle’

Luo Jingfan ‘FAST FOOD LIFESTYLE’ 2020