Lives and works in Melbourne
Represented by Arc One Gallery, Melbourne

“My work depicts ruins and decay: of human bodies, of houses and of cities. It deals with a loss of memory, as forgetting the poast and rendered as decaying form abd with the effort to hold onto memories and to even resurrect them. But the medium itself is also caught in this drama of loss and recovery. The visual effects I use are all analogue, and shot with labour-intensive procedures. This is crucial to the art: th analogue world is being dissolved by the digital media. My own videos and photographs are presented in post-production digital formats, but I produce the work materially in the studio in these labour-intensice analogue ways. The analogue is the ruin, the memory that is being eroded, and yet in which I pin my hopes for resurrection or survival.“

- Cyrus Tang


- ‘When Things start to move’

- ‘Remember me when the sun goes down’

Cyrus Tang ‘When things start to move’  2017